Crochet Along, Books, and Dogs

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I updated my blog! In the process of deleting myself from other social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I forgot to update my website. Setting up this website was time consuming and tedious so I think I’ll keep it up for now anyway.

The coffee and wine crochet groups have been going well. I’ve met a nice small group of women and a few of us are currently working on this raffia circle bag crochet along. My yarn is by Premier Yarns and the bag pattern is by Tree Studio. It’s fun to work along with others doing the same project so we can share ideas, progress, problems, etc. I can’t wait to see how they all turn out!

My first book club at the library hasn’t been as successful as the crochet group. No one showed up for the first meeting. I think that sort of set the tone for the book club because no one has signed up for the second meeting on June 1st. I haven’t had much luck with the last couple of book clubs that I’ve tried to start. People seem to get easily offended if the subject matter is something that makes them uncomfortable or they want to discuss other topics that have nothing to do with the book or they haven’t even bothered to read the book. I guess it’s just as well. I have probably over 100 books on my Kindle that I still need to read. 🙂

I’m still teaching a couple of people how to crochet and that’s been fun. I forgot how challenging learning how to crochet can be for a beginner. But I’m happy to share what I know and witness their excitement and satisfaction when they “get it.” Not everyone does, at least not right away. It does take some practice. So if you’re reading this and you live local and would like to learn to crochet or just learn some new stitches or new projects, send me a message and we’ll set up a lesson.

Last, but never least, we had Phoebe’s 3rd birthday at the library a few weeks ago and it was loads of fun! She read with several children including a few of her favorites, we gave away a crochet puppy and we shared books, lemonade and cookies. It was a good day! We’ll be adding some extra reading time to our library schedule for the summer. We’ll still be reading with kids the first Saturday of each month, and we’ll also be reading every Thursday throughout the summer from 1-2:30. We hope to see you there!

Phoebe’s Birthday

Real Conversations

Our first two MeetUps are history! They were both so much fun! In staying with my new commitment to spend more time having real conversations with real people rather than “friending” and “following” people on social media, I started a Meetup group for people who like to crochet, knit and drink coffee or wine.

The first Meetup was at a local independent coffee shop because I believe in supporting local, small businesses. It was a pretty good turnout. Including me, there were 6 of us. That’s a nice intimate size group. Small enough to be able to talk to everyone, drink a cup of delicious coffee and crochet a little too. 🙂 We decided to try to meet every other Tuesday morning at the same coffee shop. I’m optimistic that we’ll meet on a regular schedule, get some crocheting done for ourselves and it would be nice if we could do a little crocheting for charity as well. The group of ladies were very fun and friendly and I hope as we continue to meet and grow, we’ll all become good friends.

Our second Meetup was at a wine bar. Another local, independent small business. We met on a Sunday afternoon. The venue is cozy and charming. The wine selection extensive and the cheese board was delicious! We had another small, intimate group. There were a couple of ladies from the coffee meetup and a few new faces too. We crocheted, shared our projects, laughed, talked, drank a little wine and ate a little cheese.

I really enjoyed meeting new people face to face and having real conversations. Conversing with people is unfortunately becoming a lost art.  In this age of texting, tweeting, facebook, Instagram, email, etc. We are losing our ability to look one another in the eye.  Common courtesy, simple manners, small talk and real, honest conversations are all falling by the wayside. I’m going to make more of an effort, not just in these meetup groups, but in my every day life to be more mindful,  more present and practice making real connections with people that are genuine, kind, thoughtful,  and non-judgmental.

When is the last time you had a real conversation with someone? How was it? What was it about? How did it make you feel? Please share your thoughts and opinions with me in the comments. <3

Enjoying a glass of wine while crocheting at 3 Vino Winery.

Spring-Time for a Fresh Start


It’s Spring Time! Don’t you just love how everything turns from brown to green, seemingly overnight. I made this adorable little pomsai tree in honor of all of the greenery and because I don’t have a green thumb so this pom pom tree is perfect for me.

Spring is also the time to start new projects. I mentioned last month that I wouldn’t be having crochet classes anymore because it was too frustrating to go through so much preparation for classes and then there were times when absolutely no one showed up. So I started a Meetup group for crocheters and knitters, just so I could hang out with other people who love yarn and yarny projects just as much as I do. In the process of doing that, I had several people contact me and ask me about crochet lessons. So, I’ve decided that I do still want to teach crochet but this time I won’t be scheduling public classes that anyone can sign up for, I’ll be teaching private lessons for those who contact me wanting to learn to crochet. I think it’s a much better plan. I can still combine my love of crochet with my experience as a former teacher to help others become as passionate as I am about creating something fun, cute and useful out of balls of squishy, colorful yarn.

The Meetup group starts next week. I’m excited about that too! Meeting new people, sharing ideas, creating, drinking coffee or wine, snacking. No pressure to teach with this group, just relaxing and socializing. I’m also hosting a new book club at the Watauga Library beginning in May. The genre is historical fiction and our first book is The English Wife by Lauren Willig. Read along with us, if you can’t join us. Share with me what crochet projects you’re working on. I’d love to hear from you! <3


March Classes

The March classes are behind me. I was really hoping they would be more successful than they were. The Easter themed projects were adorable and festive. I scheduled a children’s class and a free class besides the coffee and wine classes. Unfortunately, the children’s class didn’t make at all and neither did the coffee class. I had one student at the free class at the library and one at the wine class. A lot of planning and prep work go into these classes and it’s really frustrating when no one signs up or pays in advance to let you know they’re coming. So I never knew how many to plan for and then when no one at all shows up, it’s really discouraging.

So, after thinking about it and weighing all the pros and cons, I’ve decided to stop offering the classes where I furnish the supplies and teach people how to crochet and start a Meetup crochet group instead. I’m still calling it Crochet On The Go and we’ll still be having classes at the same coffee and wine venues. The difference will be that everyone brings their own projects that they’re working on instead of my teaching and furnishing the supplies. The only cost involved will be $1.00 a month per member to pay for the Meetup subscription.

I think this is a much better option for everyone, we’ll still be focusing on my main reason for starting these  classes in the first place and that is to bring together craft, creativity, and community. I’m starting the Meetup classes in April, and I’ll be doing some restructuring to this website and the FB page, so stay tuned for the changes and updates.

Have you had an experience similar to this, where you started out with one idea in mind, and when you realized it wasn’t going to work out the way you planned, instead of giving it up completely, you restructured and went in a little bit of a different direction? How did it turn out? Feel free to share your tips and tricks. Until next time. <3

Coffee & Crochet

The title of this post is Coffee & Crochet. That wasn’t my original title, it was supposed to be Crochet EGGstravaganza. Why the change? Because the plan was today’s spring break class was going to be for kids to learn to crochet Easter eggs, chicks and bunnies. However, no one signed up for the class. Disappointing, yes. But, ever the optimist, I showed up for the class anyway. I was hoping maybe someone would show up at the last minute, or see me sitting there enjoying my latte and crocheting a little bunny and ask to join me.  I guess it wasn’t meant to be though. I did stay awhile and enjoy my coffee & crochet. That’s the reason for the title change of this post.

This was the first class of four that I have scheduled this month. I’m really hoping for a better turnout at the next few classes. Like I’ve said before, all this teacher needs is one student. Bringing together craft, creativity and community is my mission for having these classes and I’m not ready to give up yet.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Do you have any tips, tricks or advice on how to generate more interest in these face to face classes? Internet classes, youtube videos, online instructions, all have their place but they’re so isolating. I really think it’s time to unplug Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and reconnect with our communities, enjoy the process and creativity of making things with our own hands and bring back the art of conversation. Who’s with me? <3