Real Conversations

Our first two MeetUps are history! They were both so much fun! In staying with my new commitment to spend more time having real conversations with real people rather than “friending” and “following” people on social media, I started a Meetup group for people who like to crochet, knit and drink coffee or wine.

The first Meetup was at a local independent coffee shop because I believe in supporting local, small businesses. It was a pretty good turnout. Including me, there were 6 of us. That’s a nice intimate size group. Small enough to be able to talk to everyone, drink a cup of delicious coffee and crochet a little too. 🙂 We decided to try to meet every other Tuesday morning at the same coffee shop. I’m optimistic that we’ll meet on a regular schedule, get some crocheting done for ourselves and it would be nice if we could do a little crocheting for charity as well. The group of ladies were very fun and friendly and I hope as we continue to meet and grow, we’ll all become good friends.

Our second Meetup was at a wine bar. Another local, independent small business. We met on a Sunday afternoon. The venue is cozy and charming. The wine selection extensive and the cheese board was delicious! We had another small, intimate group. There were a couple of ladies from the coffee meetup and a few new faces too. We crocheted, shared our projects, laughed, talked, drank a little wine and ate a little cheese.

I really enjoyed meeting new people face to face and having real conversations. Conversing with people is unfortunately becoming a lost art.  In this age of texting, tweeting, facebook, Instagram, email, etc. We are losing our ability to look one another in the eye.  Common courtesy, simple manners, small talk and real, honest conversations are all falling by the wayside. I’m going to make more of an effort, not just in these meetup groups, but in my every day life to be more mindful,  more present and practice making real connections with people that are genuine, kind, thoughtful,  and non-judgmental.

When is the last time you had a real conversation with someone? How was it? What was it about? How did it make you feel? Please share your thoughts and opinions with me in the comments. <3

Enjoying a glass of wine while crocheting at 3 Vino Winery.