March Classes

The March classes are behind me. I was really hoping they would be more successful than they were. The Easter themed projects were adorable and festive. I scheduled a children’s class and a free class besides the coffee and wine classes. Unfortunately, the children’s class didn’t make at all and neither did the coffee class. I had one student at the free class at the library and one at the wine class. A lot of planning and prep work go into these classes and it’s really frustrating when no one signs up or pays in advance to let you know they’re coming. So I never knew how many to plan for and then when no one at all shows up, it’s really discouraging.

So, after thinking about it and weighing all the pros and cons, I’ve decided to stop offering the classes where I furnish the supplies and teach people how to crochet and start a Meetup crochet group instead. I’m still calling it Crochet On The Go and we’ll still be having classes at the same coffee and wine venues. The difference will be that everyone brings their own projects that they’re working on instead of my teaching and furnishing the supplies. The only cost involved will be $1.00 a month per member to pay for the Meetup subscription.

I think this is a much better option for everyone, we’ll still be focusing on my main reason for starting these  classes in the first place and that is to bring together craft, creativity, and community. I’m starting the Meetup classes in April, and I’ll be doing some restructuring to this website and the FB page, so stay tuned for the changes and updates.

Have you had an experience similar to this, where you started out with one idea in mind, and when you realized it wasn’t going to work out the way you planned, instead of giving it up completely, you restructured and went in a little bit of a different direction? How did it turn out? Feel free to share your tips and tricks. Until next time. <3